jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011

Meeting Productions hiked to new heights in Machu Picchu during the Microsoft LATAM OEM Summit 2011

Meeting Productions, Inc organized the LATAM OEM Summit this week in Cusco, Peru. Inspired on ancient teachings of Inca Leadership, the team was challenged with an amazing hiking to Wayna Picchu, the mountain that rises over Machu Picchu. The peak of Wayna Picchu is about 2,720 meters (8,920 ft.) above sea level and 360 meters (1,180 ft.) higher than Machu Picchu.  The hiking was narrated by the renowned professor and Inca culture lecturer Roger Valencia.

In addition, the group experienced the Peruvian culture through fantastic dinners, coca leaf tea, live Andean music, Peruvian Paso horse riding show, Folklore dance show and a “hands-on” Pisco Sour classes with the head bartender of the fabulous hotel Tambo del Inka.
The summit focused in The Business of Thinking and Leadership imparted by Dr. Angela Love with great dynamics that encouraged team work and shared best practices between the participants.

domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

“The best LATAM MGX party ever” by Meeting Productions, Inc.

 “The best LATAM MGX party ever”. This was the common saying the day after the LATAM MGX party in Denver, 2011. About 1,200 people enjoyed the LATAM MGX party in Denver under the beat of Miami based DJ David O until 2 AM organized by Meeting Productions, Inc.  
Great music, spirits and good energy is the perfect combination for a successful party. The LATAM MGX party was the place to be and be seen this last MGX in Denver.

Meeting Productions organized a “Bikes for Charity” event for Microsoft Latin America

Meeting productions organized the LATAM AHQ FY12 SM&SG kicked off  with a Team Building exercise that motived cross group collaboration with a community service activity.
The teams got most, but not all, of the resources they needed to completely build a bicycle. The tools and parts necessary to completely finish the bicycle were found with the other teams. It was up to each team to collaborate, share resources, overcome conflict, and align strategies in order to be successful.
As part of this event, children from a Miami charitable organization (Big Brothers and Sisters) were brought in and participated with the teams to help finish their own bike. The smiles on these children’s faces were priceless when they saw their brand new bikes.

domingo, 8 de mayo de 2011

Meeting Productions danced Samba in Rio de Janeiro!

Meeting Productions successfully organized the third FY11 LLT event in Rio de Janeiro from April 25-28.  The Latin America Leadership team worked hard during 4 days in a lounge conference room set up overlooking the beautiful beach of Ipanema. 

For ancillary activities, the group enjoyed a samba experience in the top of Sugar Loaf with Villa Isabel samba school while sipping Caipirinhas and other exotic spirits. 

The evenings were closed by a traditional Rodizio Style dinner at El Porcao and an eclectic seafood dinner at Marius Degustare.

martes, 12 de abril de 2011

Easy Shot Desserts for Cocktail Parties!

An original way to serve desserts in a cocktail party is precisely through another "cocktail".   Most of the people tend to skip dessert when they are drinking alcohol.  Here is a smart way to treat your guests with a dessert that they won’t refuse.
In a blender, put vanilla ice cream, Kahlua (coffee liquor), Oreo cookies and a little bit of ice. Mix it for about 1.5 minute or until you get a "smoothie" texture. Serve them in clear shot glasses with small straws and pass them around in a tray.  You will accomplish coffee and dessert in just one step without interference with the cocktails. In addition, it will give your guests 'just a taste' so the caloric intake is much less. Your dieter friends will love you for it. Expect that each guest will drink at least 2 dessert shots so prepare enough.

Did I mention that it only took 2 minutes to prepare dessert?